Camilo A. Roncancio

Camilo A. Roncancio

Camilo A. Roncancio
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District 5 Hunger Games fashion

Hunger Games Series District 5 got like a bajillion votes, so here it is! My concept for this one is that a brother and sister got reaped together, and so I did a sort of Hansel and Gretel like.

District 3 by Lance Sans Pants

Hunger Game Series So by like a loooong stretch, district 3 won the votes last time. So I had this initial idea of tangled wires making up a dress, so I just kinda ran with it!

District 1 by Lance Sans Pants

Hunger Game Series Last night’s winner was a tie! So I chose to go with District 1 because it had the most cumulative votes. So in the books the outfits were clearly described as togas, but I didn’t.