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an open notebook with the word circles written in black ink on it next to some crafting supplies
Portadas de arte creativas, bonitas, ideas fáciles
a book with an image of a dog and cat on the cover, which reads estudios sociales veran perez prima primero
Portada Estudios Sociales - Finn y Jake
an open book with some cartoon characters on it
three different colored markers sitting on top of a notebook
Portada cuaderno álgebra
an open notebook with sheep and hearts on it
Aprende a dibujar
a notebook with an image of a star in a jar
an open notebook with unicorns and stars on the pages, which are also in spanish
Portada de cuaderno unicornio 🦄
some craft supplies are laying out on the table next to each other, including paint and markers
Que tus sueños vuelen alto💙
Croquis, Uñas, Easy Drawings, Kinder