Cartagena, take me there. // I second that.

Alessandra Codinha Writes From Cartagena, Colombia

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Isla Gorgona, in the Colombian Pacific, is a great place to go whale-watching

The just 9 km long island Gorgona at the Pacific Coast of Colombia is a great place to observe whales! The whale season is from July to October.

Glaciar Laguna, Tolima (Región Andina) , Colombia.

Un pequeño recorrido virtual por Colombia!

In the Andean Region of Colombia you can find snow, and even glaciers! The extreme biodiversity of this Country has incredibly much to offer.

This is the Caristales River, located just outside of the town "La Macarena" in Columbia, South America. It's algae and moss that turn a rainbow of different colours in the short time between wet and dry seasons. Amazing!

Amazing photos of the "liquid rainbow" river in colombia. you've got to see these! - There is a river in colombia, located in the serrania de la macarena province of meta, known to locals as "the river of five colors" or "the liquid rainbow".

Thermal Springs in Colombia, South America.

Welcome to the Santa Rosa thermal springs! Santa Rosa de Cabal is a small town just north of Pereira, Colombia in the middle of the coffee region. You can see the man made thermal pools that use the thermal energy on the top right of the picture.