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So at the end of the path was a crowd of people surrounding a singer, i cut through the crowd and there was my beautiful Michael singing a song about me❤️❤️What a coincidence

Why does he do that adorable eye squinting when he sings? It makes me want to dig a hole and cry in it.

You were hanging with the boys. They all thought you were the most hilarious person ever. Everytime you said something when you're not even trying to be funny, Michael laughs like this. He thought you were perfect in every way possible; funny, gorgeous, smart, sarcastic, he loved you more than anybody. He knew you were the one when he first laid eyes on you and he was planning on proposing pretty soon. The last two years with you have been the best two years of his life without a doubt.

Doing a Michael spam today because the kitty got a booboo

I love it when he holds his hands like that like i don't know i just think it"s just too cute :)

Michael Clifford seriously pink hair on a guy. Pink is for girls not for guys. Pink doesn't look good on him. I hate that Michael is wearing an American flag shirt.

Michael laughing makes my life ♡ @Michael Dussert Dussert Dussert Dussert Clifford

Michael laughing makes my life ♡ Dussert Dussert Dussert Dussert Clifford>>>Wow, I couldn't breathe<<<Luke looks so weird because he's not wearing black skinny jeans they all do

Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings

after their work-out<<< CAN I BE THERE WHEN THEY DO NEXT>>> Mikey is like dying! Lol poor Mikey>> Mikey is not wearing a shirt.

Ash's Ice bucket challenge

So ashton did the ALS ice bucket challenge! And nominated Calum & Luke, :)>>>maybe we'll get to see Luke shirtless.