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My little girld

My little girld

ALL there is to know about tea. Tea is one of the oldest beverages and millions of people still drink it

INFOGRAPHIC: IT’S ALL ABOUT TEA How was tea discovered and when did this happen? What kinds of tea are available and where are they produced? Where most tea is drunk? Types of Teas, production and consumption including some health benefits of tea.

"Whenever and wherever you intend to give birth your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, and your spirit for the rest of your life"-- Ina May Gaskin birth quote

Ina May Gaskin

Ina May Gaskin speaks the truth that I've experienced first hand- ".Birth doesn't happen the same way around surgeons, medically trained doctors, as it does around sympathetic women.

It’s Home Birth Barbie!

A series of photographs depicting Barbie's home birth as captured by photographer Katie Moore of Beach Birth Photography.