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"Blade", by Mystic Oracle.

for this one i thought i would do a depiction of a character i haven't yet tried before, this is a movie that needs a serious reboot. my vote Michael jai white.

Captain America Then and Now by David Williams

Marvel Comics: Captain America Then and Now by David Williams (superhero, super-soldier, Defender, Avenger, star-spangled hero)

Beautiful Nature Photo

The transcendentalist walks down a lone path of individualism to find himself in nature. This path, like one in the image, goes through nature. Transcendentalists believed the best way to discover themselves was through nature.

NGC 7331

NGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy about 40 mly away in the constellation Pegasus. In spiral galaxies the central bulge typically co-rotates w/the disk but the bulge in this galaxy is rotating in the opposite direction to the rest of the disk