Hot Dog Taquitos

Hot Dog Taquitos These are exactly what the name implies; hot dogs stuffed with cheese, wrapped in corn tortillas, and then fried to a crispy golden brown. I call them tacos de wenne

Sancocho de Cola de Res

Sancocho con Cola de Res

Sancocho is a very typical colombian dish. It is usually cooked for festivities in huge pots (so that everyone can be fed) and contains a whole variety of ingredients like corn, meat and veggies.

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Posta Negra

Posta Negra

Posta Negra is another traditional and delicious Colombian dish from the Atlantic Coast of the country. It contains beef, cooked in a dark sauce made with Cola,

Receta de Sudado de Albóndigas en español

Sudado de Albóndigas

Sudado is a very common dish in Colombia. You can also make sudado with chicken, beef or pork instead of meatballs. My grandmother made this Sudado de

Sobrebarriga en Salsa Criolla (Flank Steak with Colombian Creole Sauce)

Sobrebarriga en Salsa Criolla

Sobrebarriga en Salsa Criolla is a traditional Colombian dish made with flank steak and a very flavorful Creole sauce. This dish was one of my grandmother's