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a white wall with a light switch on it
Antique Brass Black inserts | Switches & sockets
Antique Brass - Black Inserts – Corston
three knobs on a white wall are shown
Antique Brass Black inserts | Switches & sockets
Antique Brass - Black Inserts – Corston
a close up of a metal object on a table with a checkered flooring pattern
MELJAC's Engraving Personalises Switches - MELJAC
an image of two metal buttons on a wall mounted light switch cover in stainless steel
Focus SB architrave
a light switch on the side of a blue wall with pinstripe patterning
Switch Details.be
a wine bottle is hooked up to a metal device on a wooden table with two bottles in the background
SamElek Loxone shop
a close up of a metal object on a black surface with a light switch in the middle
designed switches
two brass plated lights on a wall in a room with white and gray patterned walls
The Invisible Lightswitch®
Forbes & Lomax have been selling designer light switches to architects and interior designers since 1988 and are pioneers of the Invisible Lightswitch®. In addition to the Invisible Lightswitch® Forbes & Lomax offer a complete range of contemporary electrical accessories including dimmer light switches and socket outlets which are available in a variety of finishes to suit the demands of a rapidly changing design market.
a metal switch with four different buttons on it
LUMEN8 Light Switches FINISH: Stainless Steel LEVER: Modular 4 lever
a close up view of a black and white wall with a circular object on it
Dimensions Collection - The Wandsworth Group
a close up of a metal switch plate on a white wall with the letter o
an electrical outlet with three knobs and two plates on the wall, in gold
Complex control, traditional style. True Edge plate, bespoke two way and off retractive toggle grid switches specified for luxury interiors project, custom finished in a variation of Antique Brass. Highly desirable traditional control linked to a more sophisticated system behind the scenes by #Crestron #lightingcontrols
a round metal plate with two screws on the front and one in the middle
Va & vient interrupteur rond €109 on voltex.ch