27 Pins
some pickles are sitting on a cutting board
Рецепт на миллион
a rainbow is in the sky over some houses and power lines, with a message written below it
Когда сосед топит печь - АйДаПрикол
there is a small bed in the corner of this room with writing on the wall
Дизайн комнаты
a woman sitting in a chair with a blanket over her head and the caption reads,
a black and white photo with the words in russian
the text is in russian and english on a light purple background with white lettering that reads,
Квест «Школа Детективов!». Сценарий для детей 8-14 лет
there is a book shelf full of books in the language of russian and other languages
ТОП-100 лучших книг
an open book sitting on top of a pile of books with the words, 100 things to
100 книг которые определенно стоит прочитать
there are two books on the wall with blurry people walking in front of them
ЛитРес Школа - Оформление коридора или рекреации старшей и средней школы
an image of a woman holding something in her hand and another person looking at it
an image of a cell phone with the russian language on it's display screen
Фото 814759584629 из альбома О чтении. Смотрите в группе Библиотека им. Н. В. Гоголя. Новокузнецк в ОК