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the interior of an ornate building with columns and arches, painted in watercolor on paper
George Owen Wynne Apperley | El Patio de Los Leones (Circa 1920) | MutualArt
a painting of an ornate building with water in the foreground and arches on either side
George Owen Wynne Apperley | Entrance to the Hall of Ambassadors, Alhambra, Granada | MutualArt
an oil painting of people standing in front of a building
By the City Gate, Richard Zommer, 1906
an old painting of palm trees and two men on a boat in the water with pyramids in the background
a painting of a blue and yellow building with trees in the foreground, watercolor on paper
Charbagh School
a painting of birds sitting on a window sill with a blue vase in the foreground
Recent Work
an alley way leading to the beach with purple flowers
Romantic Island Getaways & European Adventures
an open door leading to a white building with blue vases
a white building with flowers and plants growing on it's balconies in front of the door
Epirus 2010