this is perfect!

hope I live near the ocean one day. this will be my backyard hammock. hope I live near the ocean one day. this will be my backyard hammock. hope I live near the ocean one day. this will be my backyard hammock.

Tayrona Park, Santa Marta Colombia.  Most amazing place I've ever been and I can't wait to go back!  At least once a year!!!

The beaches at Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona (Colombia). 'Tayrona’s limpid waters heave against a backdrop of jungle that sweeps like a leafy avalanche down from the soaring Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest coastal mountain range.

Cartagena, Colombia - Can't wait to be going here in about a week and a half for a long weekend!  :)

Ibiza - An island in the Mediterranean Sea 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. With Formentera, it is one of the two Pine Islands or Pityuses.


File:Flag-map of Colombia.

La Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta...saw this on the plane this morning!  Sooooo beautiful!

colombia La Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta.

I Love Colombia

I Love Colombia Yo tambien te quiero Colombia

Tayrona National Park - Santa Marta, Colombia

Old Europe - Spain - Galicia - Cies Islands. Sure it is not a caribean island, but better.

ok, sounds good to me!

Book a Ticket and Just Leave.someday I will. :) I don't hate my life, I just yearn for adventure.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a very beautiful Island of French Polynesia, check here all information about Bora Bora Island and new images-pictures.

Lost City - Santa Marta, Colombia

Colombia: Ciudad Perdida or The Lost City 650 to 800 years before Machu Pichu


Tourism in Tokyo is a major industry. In million foreigners and 420 million Japanese visits to Tokyo were made; the economic value of these visits totaled trillion yen according to the government of Tokyo.

Can't wait to go here!  8 more days!!  Islas del rosario, cartagena colombia

Soak up barefoot island life and explore the pristine surroundings of these idyllic spots.

Cartagena, Colombia...hopefully this year!!

old city, cartagena

Islas del Rosario cartagena, colombia...sooooo excited to go here!  Te amo colombia!!

Islas del Rosario, Colombia - where I will be tomorrow!

Tyrona National Park in Santa Marta Colombia.  This has to be the most amazing place I have ever seen!  Can't wait to go back!!

Colombia Travel – The Beach Boulders on Arrecifes Beach in Tayrona National Park