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🌍🚀♻️ Eco-Friendly LEGO: How the World's Favorite Bricks Are Manufactured Sustainably 🌿🌱
Color Palette
Color Palette
DIY Squishy Vending Machine: Make Your Own Squeezy Fun
#craft #DIY #handmade #homedecor
#craft #DIY #handmade #homedecor
DIY Squishy Vending Machine: Make Your Own Squeezy Fun
Cómo hacer una televisión con una caja de cartón
Que la creatividad de tus hijos jamás termine con esta divertida y fácil televisión hecha con una caja de cartón. Además, podrás hacer distintos lienzos con dibujos que sean del interés de los niños.
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⭐️Useful resources for children. 🧩Involve children in creative activities! It develops imagination, sharpens motor skills, promotes hands-on learning, encourages self-expression, builds confidence and improves social interaction. ✅Start exploring creativity today! #kids #kidsart #diy #creativekids #craft #kidscraftideas #crafts #kidsactivity #craftykids #craftsforkids #artforkids #play #children #creative #craftforkids #kidsartwork #fyp #diy
a drawing of a caterpillar and a bee on a branch
Kids activity ( how to draw caterpillars)
Incy Wincy Spider DIY Math Toy for Preschoolers
Let your children’s favorite Incy Wincy spider teach them some Math! 😃 Use this simple DIY toy for your toddler to learn counting to 12 or for the older preschooler to learn addition and subtraction. More fun math activities for preschoolers on Happytotshelf blog.
a child's hand on a red plate surrounded by crayons
Paleta de pintor hecha de material reciclado (tapaderas) Materiales: Tapa Grande (puede ser de bote de aluminio de 1,100 kg), Tapas pequeñas (de botellas de Pet), cuter, pistola de silicon y silicon. Procedimiento: Hacer un orificio para colocar el dedo, con la pistola de silicon, pegar las tapas en forma de media luna... Y liiiiiistoooo vamos a pintar!!
a bulletin board with butterflies, leaves and eggs on it that read metamorphosis
Metamorphosis Butterfly Life Cycle Bulletin Board. I like to use dimensional elements in my boards to make them more interesting and fun!
a hand holding a paper clock with pictures of butterflies and caterpillars on it
Butterfly Life Cycle Spinner Craft For Kids - Non-Toy Gifts
Butterfly Life Cycle Spinner Craft For Kids - Non-Toy Gifts
the worksheet for learning english and arabic alphabets with two different letters, one is