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the top ten crafts for kids to make
10 Summer Crafts for Kids
Ten Summer Crafts for kids that will inspire you to get crafty with this kids this vacation. From nature based to messy activities these lots to choose from
a paper plate craft with the words baby yoda on it
Baby YODA Themed Paper Plate Craft Your Kids will Love Creating!
Do your kids love crafts? If your kids love Star Wars and crafts, they will love this easy Baby Yoda Paper Plate Craft. You only need a few supplies and a few minutes and you’ll have your very own Baby Yoda! I know he is one of my favorite characters and this craft is one of my new favorites! If you’re looking for a simple and fun Star Wars activity for the kids, you’re going to love this one! Click here to see the supplies needed for Baby Yoda Craft!
paper plate craft for kids with the title easy paper plate rain cloud craft for kids
Easy Rain Cloud Kids Craft (Perfect For A Rainy Spring Day)
Such a fun spring craft idea for kids. This is an easy paper plate craft idea for kids. If you have extra paper plates lying around, make sure to try this rain cloud project. #paperplatecraft #springcraftforkids #easypaperplatecraftforkids #springkidscraft #kidscraft
paper plate turkey craft with text overlay that reads 17 recycled fall kids crafts
17 Recycled Fall Kids Crafts - Toddler at Play | Kids Crafts & Activities - Crafts
17 awesome recycled fall kids crafts anyone can do this season! Lot's of simple and fun crafts for young children to choose from! #recycledcrafts #kidscrafts #fallcrafts
this is a collage of different activities for kids to play with
Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers
sensory play ideas for toddlers - 1 year old 2 year old 3 year old - sensory bins sensory tubs sensory challenges #sensorybins #sensoryplay #toddlersensory
a woman and her child are camping with toddlers is always an adventure
Camping with Toddlers is Always an Adventure | Built by Kids
Too worried for your toddler to take them out camping? Don't worry or fuss, it's always an adventure! Learn how it's possible in this article. Click to continue.
there is a sign that says make your tools kid friendly on the side of a table
Make Your Tools Kid Friendly | Built by Kids
It's important to keep house tools child-proof and baby-proof! Follow this easy step-by-step guide to get started. Click to continue.
Want to make your own little hero happy? Learn how to make superhero capes! This guide will show you how to get it done. Click to continue. Superhero Capes, Kids Costumes, Cool Costumes, Cool Baby Stuff, The Incredibles, Fun Party Themes, Baby Proofing
How To Make Super Hero Capes for Your Own Little Hero | Built by Kids
Want to make your own little hero happy? Learn how to make superhero capes! This guide will show you how to get it done. Click to continue.
a girl eating ice cream from a cardboard box with the text how to make a toy ice cream cart from a cardboard box
How to Make a Toy Ice Cream Cart from a Cardboard Box
Learn how to make an adorable toy ice cream cart from a cardboard box! This is the perfect summer craft that kids will play with for hours.
a collage of photos with the words, caribean vacation in arubaa
Caribbean Vacation in Aruba
Divi & Tamarijn Aruba offers a great all-inclusive vacation, whether or not you are traveling with children. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing. Those properties are definitely set up to make your Caribbean vacay more successful and most enjoyable! #familyvacation #arubatravel #onehappyisland #travel #caribbean #aruba #luxuryresorts #bubblymoments #beachvacation #travelblog #caribbeansea #ArubaOneHappyIsland #TBTamarijn
kids making marshmallow snowman crafts on the table
Marshmallow Snowman Craft | | Lifestyle, Childhood & Photography Blog by Jessica
Let your child build their own snowman with this fun craft for a snowy day or a preschool winter lesson plan !
a child's hand with the words easy fun toddler activities for early learning
10 Easy Toddler Activities For Early Learning - Totally Mom Sense
Are you looking for fun and learning activities to do with your toddler that you can easily do at home? Trying to keep toddlers busy at home for long is a difficult task as they often get bored too easily. In this blog post, I have shared ten easy to do toddler activities that can help them learn new skills as well. All these activities are simple to set up and mostly require stuff lying around your home and are very engaging too. #toddleractivities #playandlearn #earlylearningactivities
*FREE PRINTABLE* Alphabet Coloring Pages
Learn all the letters and have fun with these free printable alphabet coloring pages! Coloring Pages are great for learning as they are engaging and helps improve fine motor skills for children.
the process to make flower bouquets is shown with pictures and instructions for making them
Celery Stamped Flowers
These celery stamped flower bouquets are perfect to make for Mother's Day! An easy and fun way to make roses kids will love this art activity. Celery print roses, celery print flowers, celery printing, celery stamping, flower crafts for kids, flower crafts preschool, mothers day crafts for kids, mothers day crafts for preschool. #bestideasforkids #crafts #kidscrafts #mothersday #flowers #flowercraft via @bestideaskids
a collage of photos with the words 10 travel tips for flying with a baby
10 Travel Tips for Flying with a Baby
Flying with a baby almost always guarantees a bit of intimidation for new parents. Thankfully, these travel tips will help soothe your worries. Click to read more.
a baby is playing with some toys on the sidewalk and it says build your very own dinosaur dig
Build Your Very Own Dinosaur Dig
If your kids are crazy about dinosaurs, then they'll love having their own dinosaur dig at home! Making one only takes a few kid-friendly utensils, dinosaur toys, a plastic container, and some water. Click to read more.
how to build a giant ruler height chart
Build a Giant Ruler Height Chart
Measuring your kids' height is always a fun family thing to do! If you're the DIY-loving parent, here's how to build a giant ruler height chart for your kids. Click to continue.
baby first aid kit with instructions to build your own baby first aid kit in the box
Build Your Own Baby First Aid Kit
Having your baby's first aid kit all prepped and ready is important! Learn how to build your own with the help with this guide. Click to read more.
how to build a storage step stool for your child's bathroom or playroom
How to Build a Storage Step Stool
A storage step stool is great for kids who need that extra boost to reach the sink or counter. This how-to guide will teach you how to build one that also doubles as storage for their bath toys! Click to learn more.
two children are playing in their bedroom with the text upgrade your child's mattress for a better night's sleep
Upgrade Your Child's Mattress For a Better Nights Sleep | Built by Kids
A newly improved mattress can help your child sleep so much better at night. Learn how to do it yourself to save up on costs! Click to continue.
the diy table is made out of plastic and has two trays on it
HOW TO: Build a Sensory Table for $30 | Built by Kids
A sensory table is a brilliant idea for your tiny toddler's quick development. You can also build it totally by yourself! Follow this how-to.
a little boy standing in the grass holding a baseball mitt and wearing a blue shirt
So Young Cooler Bags are So Good | Built by Kids
These So Young Cooler Bags look so adorable and hip! Plus, they're great for storing snacks and tiny meals. Check out more details - click to continue.
a young boy wearing orange goggles and safety gear standing in front of a park bench
Build a Deck with Your Kids
Having kids around the job site might seem more hazardous than harmless. In truth, it's a great way of spending time with them while also teaching them really valuable skills. Check out these adorable photos of a son-dad tandem doing the very thing!
the interior of a car with a furry animal sitting on the seat belt and other items in the back
How to Install a Baby Seat in a Vintage Car
Thinking of installing a baby seat in your vintage car? Luckily for you, we've done it in the proper way for you to only follow. Click to learn more.
an airplane with the words 10 travel tips for flying with a baby on it's back
10 Travel Tips for Flying with a Baby
Flying with a baby (or a baby bump) is an adventure, but we are travelers at heart and we were raised by parents who traveled with their kids (us), so we weren’t going to let our growing family stand in the way of an opportunity to hop on a plane.
the top ten party themes for toddlers
10 Sun-Filled Party Themes for Toddlers
10 Sun-Filled Party Themes for Toddlers
a small child is sitting in a playpen on the ground outside with trees behind it
9 Must Have Items for Taking Baby Camping!
9 Must Have Items for Taking Baby Camping!
a baby in a crib with the caption cabin fever curves for infants and toddlers
Cabin Fever Cures for Tiny Tots
Cabin Fever Cures for Tiny Tots
a woman sitting next to a baby in a hammock with her pacifier
Make Your Own DIY Rolling Garden and Plant Shelf
Make Your Own DIY Rolling Garden and Plant Shelf