black and white, our favorite colors!

Looking for some elegant and stunning black and white nail designs? We've 32 of the best nail designs that can be achieved with black and white nail polish

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Fabulous Nail Art Designs

Over 1871 people liked this! French matte black nails for the adventurous :) matte matteblack nailpolish nailart beauty

Colorful Print Nail Ideas

Colorful Print Nail Ideas

Cute--a little overkill, but would be adorable on just thumbs or ring fingers with a complimentary solid on the rest.

White nails with glitter accent

Simple-white-nails-and-green-glitter-accent-nail-art Glitter Accent Nail Art - Ideas for Accent Nails That Update Your Manicure

Colorful Print Nail Ideas #paint #nails

Colorful Print Nail Ideas

Pink flash

Purple nails with glitter nail art cute nails glitter nail purple creative pretty nails nail ideas nail designs


Ombre Nails with a Sponge DIY tutorial - I routinely screw up nail art and I'm pretty sure I can nail this.