the back cover of an article with text on it
So sad People, Sayings, Quotes, Fucked Up, Beliefs, Faith In Humanity, Understanding
So sad
So sad
So sad
pink glitter is shown in four different colors, and the text reads i hear that in brazil
some people are using twitters to describe what they're doing and how they use them
Sounds like too many women I know of!
#gethelp #therapy #abuse #maybeshedoesnthityou
an article on how to actually date someone
an image of a woman sitting on top of a bed with her legs crossed and the caption that reads, i'm going to say something i didn't
an old book with some writing on it
I really wish more people would think like this.
a black and white photo with lines on it
the back cover of a magazine with an image of a boat on it
a tweet that reads, we can't stop laughing at jokers