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THE MOST ACCURATE X-FILES WALLET REPLICA OUT THERE! This is a replica set of the CREDENTIALS/BADGE as carried by SPECIAL AGENT FOX MULDER or SPECIAL AGENT DANA SCULLY in THE X-FILES. This is a top quality prop - no cheap cardboard or vinyl. You are getting: -1 die cut leather wallet folio w/ badge and ID cards(the badge is cold cast resin, a mix of metal and resin, so it has the look and feel of metal) -1 clip on lapel ID badge I've been researching this prop for many years, and this replica is
X-files… What? Why? How?.. I just wanted to watch a pilot episode but I’m on season 3 already.

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an image of dragon ball characters being hugged by another character in the same scene, and then hugging each other
Vegeta and Bulma...always looking out for each other
an image of many different people in the same line up with one person looking at something
Whole family
a cartoon character dressed in white and blue clothes with an evil face on his head
kamisama dragon ball z tunica
an animated image of a man holding a black dog in front of a purple background
kamisama mr popo dragon ball garlic
kamisama y mr popo
two men are holding a stuffed animal in front of the caption that reads, so i'm babysith little boy and he is watching this show
The brothers in the Wild Kratts and the old show Zooboomafoo are the same!!!! No wonder I liked Wild Kratts when I first saw it - I loved Zooboomafoo!!!!
a young man holding two baseball bats in one hand and looking down at the other
É por isto que agora todos nós amamos o Steve de "Stranger Things"
a man in graduation clothes standing next to a tree with a statue on top of it
the dragon ball characters are in their bedroom, and there is also an image of them
⭑.◦໑∿ ◦ ★ . ⋆𖦹°
a man dressed in costume standing next to a barrel
Buggy one piece
a clown with blue hair wearing a pirate hat and holding a pair of scissors in his right hand
One Piece: Los fans encuentran un agujero de guión con Buggy