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These Parents Knew Their Kids Were Gay Before Their Kids Did...

"You used to lick the TV when Snape came on in Harry Potter." . The first whisper reads, "I hadn't came out to my parents, and one day when I came home fr…"

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Are You A Sinner Or A Saint?

Do you listen to the angel or the devil on your shoulder?

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Quiz: React To 16 Situations To Find Out What First Impression You Give Off

What first impression do you give people? React to these 16 situations and we'll tell you what people think of you.

Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy - HRT Guide 101 (Oestrogen & Testosterone) | TG Hub

Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT Guide 101 (Oestrogen & Testosterone) What are hormones? There are many different hormones produced in the body by a system of glands. These release hormones directly into the bloodstream so that they are carried all round the body. Among these are the sex hormones: the male hormone, testosterone, produced …

What Is GenderGender Quiz

En Femme Learning Center - Gender conundrum: are crossdressers gender fluid?

Premier crossdressing & transgender clothing store. Wide variety of gaffs, breast forms, panties & lingerie. Exclusive En Femme styles.

How to Tell if You Are Transgender | Autumn Asphodel

Being transgender is not one size fits all. There are variations and people experience varying levels of gender dysphoria. Whatever you feel you are, try it out and see how you actually like it. Only you can define yourself and how you feel you are.

Quiz: This Optical Test Will Reveal Your Brain's True Color Preference

Ever wondered why a certain color is your favorite? Well, if you take this quiz, you won't wonder anymore!

Am I a Crossdresser or Transgender ?

Am I A Crossdresser or Transgender ? The question ‘Am I a Crossdresser or Transgender’ is a topic that most people who dress as a woman ask themselves and it

Find out if your brain is more male or female by answering these 16 questions!  My results were 50 - 50, and I am a senior woman.
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Quiz: How Male / Female Is Your Brain? These 16 Questions Will Tell!

It's time to let us pick your brain...

Felix Conrad Unmasks the Autogynephilia Theory in New Book on Transgender

On people who dream about being another gender – on transgender, non-binary, crossdresser, crossdreamer and queer issues

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Am I Transgender?

Am I Transgender? This is one of those questions that often raises its head when we have strong feelings about feeling happier in the clothes and mind...

Male To Female TransgenderTrans Mtf

How To Start Transitioning Before Hormones (HRT) | Casey Blake

Here are 5 tips for starting your Male to female (MTF) Transition. Take note these are not the only ways you can start transition before HRT, but these are t...

What Is Your True Gender Identity?

Each of us has a mental gender that may not correspond with our physical traits. Do you know your true gender identity? By answering these 10 quiz questions truthfully, we can relay who you know you are inside. The results may just surprise you!

Gender Quiz

Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide

Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide This comprehensive book covers the topic of 'Gender Dysphoria', often refereed to as Gender Identity Disorder. Gender Dysphoria, or Gender identity disorder, is something that causes a lot of anxiety and confusion to

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What Color Is Your Style?

Take This Quiz And Find What Color Is Your Style

Results: Are you girly but a boy