Boris Rodriguez

Boris Rodriguez

Boris Rodriguez
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Infrared Pulse Sensor to find your Pulse heartbeats #arduino ~~~ For more cool Arduino stuff check out

This pulse sensor fits over a fingertip and uses the amount of infrared light reflected by the blood circulating inside to do just that.

What’s the password? Arduino + Keypad

Here is my circuit design for Arduino keypad, using only 1 analog pin (instead of 7 serial pins), 6 resistors (can be reduced to and 1 capacitor: And now for the full story: I decided it’s time …

Picture of Gathering Materials

Hey guys, I& CaptainPhysics and I& back with a sick new Arduino creation I read and tried (and changed).In this project, we will be making a weather station that.


Arnaud Tellier's Red Gold watch - total of 337 components and 44 jewels. Limited edition of 5 pieces per year. Needs over 1000 hours to make one watch. (Arnaud Tellier is the former head of the Geneva Patek Philippe museum).