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Homemade Healing Salve Recipe | Wellness Mama

This natural healing salve is a chemical free alternative to antibiotic ointments and has herbs to help prevent infection.

140+ Emergency Supplies Every Home Should Have Just in Case (Who Wants to Freeze, Starve, or Die, Right?) — All Posts Healing Harvest Homestead

This article is a very comprehensive list of emergency supplies you need to start stocking up on in your home so you are prepared for emergencies! You can get a PDF printout checklist for these necessary preparedness supplies for convenience. You can print out an actual list of all these items

Lotion Bar Sticks for Pain Relief {Arthritis and Achy Muscles}

This easy DIY recipe features a trio of herbs (cayenne, ginger and arnica flowers) that have been shown to help relieve pain, inflammation and arthritis.

3 Months Supply of Food: Amazing Peace of Mind | The Provident Prepper

The provident lifestyle includes living within our means, working hard, being content with what we have, diligently saving, and preparing for rainy-day emergencies. We have…

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2000+ Survival Uses for Everyday Items - Homestead Survival Site

This is the ultimate index to survival uses for everyday items. Here you'll find a list of nearly 100 ordinary items that have all sorts of survival applications.

52 Survival Skills your Kids Should be Learning | SHTFPreparedness

Many of us have forgotten the importance of teaching our children survival skills. Here are survival skills your kids should be learning.

How to Make a Survival Bow

How To Make A Survival Bow. The bow and arrow are an effecting weapon to have because it increases the distance between you and the prey. Quiet and deadly.

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How To Make Your Own Headache Salve

Power in the Apocalypse (How to Build a Wood-Gasifier)

Power in the Apocalypse (How to Build a Wood-Gasifier): In this Instructable I will be showing you the steps I used to build my Wood/Biomass Gasifier. It was really a fun project and I would encourage anyone serious about preparedness to build one. Now in case you don't know what a Gasifier is (and don't…

8 Basic Survival Skills For Your Children

These 8 basic survival skills for children form the basis for their survival knowledge. Each of these 8 techniques is vital to survive during a disaster.

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How to Build a Stockpile for Less than $10 a Week

So you wanna build a stockpile and stop paying full price for groceries, eh? Smart move, friend. In this post, you’ll learn how to build your own stockpile without blowing your weekly budget. 1.

13 Things to Do Before the Economy Collapses | Urban Survival Site

It’s more important than ever to prepare for a financial collapse, so in this article I’m going to cover 13 things you should do before that happens.

How to Make DIY Activated Charcoal for Prepping and Survival

From filtering water to making your own gas mask or treating a poisoning, activated charcoal has a lot of valuable uses in a survival situation. Learn how to make DIY activated charcoal.


Civil War Preparedness - Part 2: Finding Shelter | Urban Survival Site

If a Civil War breaks out, most of us will be trying to survive in urban areas. In order to prepare, we need to understand how to survive in the city.