For the Love of Christmas

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an alley way with snow on the ground and brick buildings in the backround
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a red house decorated for christmas with wreaths and lights
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Christmas barn
an illustration of a light bulb with a house inside it and snow on the ground
Merry Christmas from 20 Terrific Creatives
Merry Christmas from 20 Terrific Creatives - My Modern Metropolis
some heart shaped cookies in a green bowl and red hearts on the table next to it
Grinch Cookies
Cake Mix Grinch Cookies ---- And his heart - his heart grew 10 sizes that day!- I wonder if u could also make these lime, kinda like those super soft lemon cookies (I think w cake mix & whip cream)
a woman is walking down the street in front of a building decorated with christmas lights
A South African in New York
love this!
a dog is sitting in the snow with christmas lights on it's back legs
a man and woman standing next to a small tree
100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards - Harvard Homemaker
100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards
two children standing in front of a christmas tree with the words merry and bright on it is Expired or Suspended.
ISO cranked, f-stop wide, shutter speed slooow (1/30-50) & make sure all the lights are off in the whole house
black and white cookies sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brown bag
Coal Rice Krispy Treats
Lumps of coal - Oreo Rice Krispie treats
two people sitting on a wooden chair in the snow with their arms around each other
Inspiration lane...
two people are standing in the back of an old truck with christmas trees on it
a small brown dog standing next to a snowman on top of snow covered ground
Hello little snowman - Cutest Paw
Hello Little Snowman