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some plants that are in the dirt and one is purple with white flowers on it
Sedum Night Embers
This late season bloomer can be admired for its strictly upright habit of dark black-purple, semi-glossy succulent leaves. Small clusters of light mauve pink flowers are produced on deep red stems, the perfect accent color to the darkly colored foliage. Flowers are produced on the top half of this tall Stonecrop, with no lodging.
black flowers with text overlay that reads 15 beautiful black perennial flowers to grow in the garden
15 Beautiful Black Perennial Flowers To Grow In The Garden
In the natural world, there are countless flowers, and each has its own color and beauty. However, if you are a true flower lover, you will know that black flower species have more attraction than all. Black doesn’t always have to mean dark and dreary! They exude a lovely, charming, and pure beauty that captivates viewers.