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DIY Fire Pit! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 How to: 1) Fill large planter with leftover packing foam. 2) Place table top firepit in center. 3) Cover foam with approx 20 lbs of rocks.  Light and enjoy! 🔥🔥🔥  #amazonhome #amazonfinds #backyardvibes #firepit

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Design a tropical oasis on your patio with bamboo furniture, a tiki bar, and palm plants. Use bright accessories for a lively look!
Transform your paved patio with these ideas! Looking for inspiration to create your dream Mexican patio space? Consider adding vibrant tiles, lush greenery, and rustic furniture to make your outdoor area stand out. Create your perfect home retreat today. Save this pin for ideas. #PatioDesign #MexicanStyle #HomeDecor

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Spring Hill Nurseries - Pink Muhly Grass - totally need for the front yard: extremely easy, thrives despite heat, humidity, drought, even poor soil! 3' tall, 2 1/2' wide - full sun

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This inspiration for this Marque trellis/privacy screen came from the Society Dry Cleaners sign in Reno NV. I wish I could share more of my obsession with marque signage from the space age with you. I love everything about these over the top advertisement tools Sold By the Square Foot: Price

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10 Flowers that Love Hot Summers - and How to Grow Them

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Landscape Lighting Effects: 8 Dramatic Outdoor Lighting Ideas You Must Try In Your Garden - Gardening @ From House To Home


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27 Trending Pool Decor Ideas for 2024 - Transform Your Backyard! -

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