Brayan Toro Galvis

Brayan Toro Galvis

Brayan Toro Galvis
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Emociones Abstractas... Agnes-Cecile

Italian artist Agnes-Cecile (aka Silvia Pelissero) creates visually striking black-and-white portraits by dripping paint on blank canvases. ~ Visually Striking Black-And-White Portraits Created From Dripped Paint

Las Temas: Culpa (Mariana se siente culpa porque no quiere ayudar el vagabundo),miedo(su esposo Antonio es un hombre brutal, y el vagabundo es tambien un hombre muy molevolo) y la conciencia generalmente.

I love this, being a prisoner in your own mind, feeling like that's where you're trapped, in Your own head trying to find a way out but you cant depression and anxiety is hard to deal with and I think this a beautiful way to describe it

This is beautiful. Manga is amazing too... that ending though... #tokyoghoul

black sclera eyepatch hair over one eye hood hood down hoodie kagune (tokyo ghoul) kaneki ken looking at viewer mask red eyes short hair solo tokyo ghoul white hair - Image View -


ODINS EYE To comprehend the mystery of the runes, Odin brought himself in sacrifice, and nine days and nights hung on the trunk of Yggdrassil, nailed to it by his own spear Gungnir.