Receta de Sopa Arroz con Pollo en español

Sopa de Arroz con Pollo

Sopa de Arroz con Pollo-Colombian Chicken and Rice Spoup minus the chicken or subbed for chikn strips ;

Uchuva. #fruta de #Colombia

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Empanadas de Colombia.

Empanadas from Colombia

Colombian empanadas are similar to other empanadas, but these are difference. The Colombian empanada is made of a corn meal flour and it is generally deep fried. They are an excellent Colombian food.

Dulce de Uchuvas Colombia, cocina, receta, recipe, colombian, comida.

You can create a delicious Sunday Ice Cream just by adding this lovely jam.

frutas colombianas

Typical fruits from Colombia! Colombia is very famous for its variety of fruits. You can get fruits everywhere. There is no supermarket close to you? Probably you can get your vitamins from a street stand as well!

Batido de Curuba Colombia, cocina, receta, recipe, colombian, comida.

The Curuba (banana passionfruit) is a very typical fruit of Colombia. In a milkshake it's just delicious!