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a map shows the location of an area that is being used as a temporary park
Ethical, responsible, sustainable horse ownership/management
an empty paddock in the middle of a field with horses grazing on grass and trees
Arena Footing Basics 101 (Part I)
an aerial view of several buildings in the middle of a field with fencing around them
an old fashioned buggy with wheels and spokes
an old fashioned buggy sitting in the grass
A phaeton with the top down. Grady takes Addie on a ride in one of these.
an old fashioned horse drawn carriage parked in the grass
a wooden swing with chains attached to it
The Coolest 25 Swing Designs
RF: Now THIS is my idea of a perfect back yard swing!
an old fashioned horse drawn carriage in the grass with autumn leaves on the ground behind it
two horses are pulling a carriage down the street
Bess | 23vern | Flickr
the parts of a horse drawn carriage
harness – Page 3 – The Slower Road
an old fashioned buggy is parked in the grass