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a cake with sprinkles and white frosting in a pan
BEST Homemade Vanilla Cake Recipe Ever! - A Spicy Perspective
How To Make Vanilla Cake #ASpicyPerspective #vanilla #cake #birthday #layer #sheet #party
chocolate cake with nutella frosting and walnuts on the top is cut in half
Nutella Cake
This Nutella cake is a moist chocolate layered cake with Nutella filling and a Nutella drip on top. It is the perfect combination of chocolate and Nutella flavor!
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the best nutella cake with chocolate frosting is on a white plate, and it has
Best Nutella Layer Cake (One Bowl)
This incredible Nutella cake is made with chocolate hazelnut cake layers, frosted with Nutella buttercream, and topped with chocolate ganache.
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a close up of a slice of cake on a plate with raspberries and whipped cream
Soft and Moist Perfect Coconut Cake ~ two sugar bugs
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a spoon in a bowl filled with batter
Ending the year with the recipe that was sent to +70K people: the vanilla bean whipped ganache. I use it inside my cakes instead of… | Instagram
🧀 BAKING-PIGTAIL WITH CHEESE 🧀 • 🧀 INGREDIENTS 🧀 • -warm water- 200ml • -warm milk - 200ml • -sugar - 20g • -egg- 1 piece • -dry yeast- 10g • -flour- 600g • -salt- 8g • -soft cream butter - 50g • For the filling: • - cheddar cheese - 200g • For lubrication: • -milk- 1stl • yolk- 1 piece • PREPARATION 🍽 🍽 • -Mix all the ingredients and knead the soft dough • -Cover and leave to rise • -Then divide into 12 parts, round, lubricate the rast with oil, cover and leave for 10 minutes • -Roll out, put the cheese and shape • -Put on a baking sheet, cover and leave for 20 minutes • -Grease with egg mixture, sprinkle with sesame seeds, bake in a preheated oven to 190 degrees until golden brown • Don't forget to like, subscribe and send to your friends.😘 • 🎂 Cake and