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the fire is blazing in the dark with bright orange and yellow flames coming out of it
Tiny Homes And Why You NEED One - Way Outdoors
Love the blue of the sky and the orange of the fire contrast!
a black and white photo of a woman's face with the words xandder on it
Hidden Beauty by Rudra Mandal / 500px
Forgotten  Red umbrella
Forgotten Red umbrella
a painting of a woman holding her hair in one hand and wearing a blue dress on the other
Remington's Fine Art Gallery
Madmoiselle by Francois Fressinier
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hand
Mrs. Henry White, 1883 - John Singer Sargent - WikiArt.org
John Singer Sargent
a woman sitting on the floor playing a violin in an empty room next to a window
she never sleeps, so practices her arts very early before anyone else is up
three rocks sitting on top of each other in a wave like area that looks like sand
Swirls and Rocks by GMCPhotographics on DeviantArt
swirls and rocks
the house of the wolfings
Edward Robert Hughes - The Valkyrie's Vigil [1909]
the clockmaker is reflected in the water with its reflection on it's face
Circus of Splendor & Grandeur
a bronze statue of a girl in a dress
'Degas watching Monet' in Musée Marmottan.
a large wave is coming in to the shore and it's lights are on
ocean shots to take your breath away!
Sunset Wave