los pasos del tejido

A rope bracelet - reminds me of making friendship bracelets back in the day. My right second toe used to go numb because I'd hook the end of the bracelet over it, and then knot embroidery floss for HOURS.

de cuerdas o lana. dos colores

[a few good things]: on any given day: episode [Neon] Nylon mason twine bracelet: just hitches. Closure by going thru a separate slide to adjust. Knot & Melt ends.

más y más manualidades: Cómo hacer un trineo con dulces para obsequiar en navidad

These are so cute and super easy to make. You need a hot glue gun, glue sticks, bags, kit kats, candy canes and whatever candy you'd like to put in Santa's bag. Oh and the santa candies

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It's a Deco Mesh Christmas! You can use deco mesh Christmas wreaths and garlands around doors and windows for a spectacular look.