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an ornate archway in the middle of a dining room
1900 art nouveau
1900 art nouveau doorway in Istanbul, Turkey #artnouveau #architecture #interiors #door #doorway
a bronze statue sitting on top of a set of stairs next to a stair case
The Fabulous Weird Trotters — Cool!
a spiral staircase with flowers painted on it
Art nouveau staircase by Ede Magyar
a lamp that is on top of a table
(#5) Gustav Gurschner
a cat sitting on top of an orange ball with its head resting on it's back
1920's in Pictures
1920 Equilibre cat lamp by Max Le Verrier, France. From Art Deco, FB.
a gold colored statue of a bear sitting on its hind legs and looking to the side
Art Deco | Design Profile
Art Deco - Wild Cat
a watercolor painting of a red bird sitting on a branch with its beak open
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a glass flask that has been decorated with flowers and leaves on it's side
Rene Lalique Hirondelles Flacon 13186
Rene Lalique Flacon Hirondelles circa 1920
an old wooden clock hanging on the wall
Small Art Nouveau Wall Cabinet by Eugene Gaillard.
an old fashioned wooden cabinet with carvings on it
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EMILE GALLE (1846-1904) 'AUX LIBELLULES', A RARE VITRINE, 1900-03 carved walnut, rosewood, burr elm, ash, pearwood, atapa and other marquetry inlay, bronze, carved with dragonflies and with butterfly mounts 82 7/8 in. (210.5 cm.) high; 49 ¼ in. (125 cm.) wide; 22 in. (56 cm.) deep inlaid signature Gallé
an ornate silver mirror sitting on top of a table
WMF Mirror with Maiden & Peacock
Polished pewter mirror with an Art Nouveau maiden and peacock - ca. 1906| JV
a silver mirror with an image of a woman holding flowers on the front and side
Art Nouveau Mirrors
The Art Nouveau Blog: Art Nouveau Mirrors
a clear glass vase with an intricate design on the top and bottom, sitting on a blue surface
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Late 19th Century, American, Art Nouveau Style, Silver Overlay, Perfume