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Step by Step Negative Painting in Watercolor- YouTube
someone is painting leaves on a piece of paper
Negative Painting Technique
Aquarelle sur papier - technique de peinture négative
Faire de la peinture avec des bulles
La peinture aux bulles est une activité super drôle à faire en famille. Vous n'avez besoin que de peinture et de liquide vaisselle. A la portée de tous.
Watercolour galaxy with salt
Something to remember is that it may not look like you’ve sprinkled a lot but as the paint is absorbed into the salt, the white areas start to show. It’s very important that you don’t ruin your paintbrush by starting to paint while the masking fluid is still wet, and also not to scratch off the salt until the paint is completely dry which could take a few hours.
Handpainted landscape ornaments | COLEMAN SENECAL ART
How to paint a realistic watercolor squirrel
Chinese zen art credit by (@moxuanzi0115)
watercolor pinecone
Christmas tree painting ideas