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The story of how the merging trip jeon / wu jungkook, idol handsome and very famous narcissistic + heartbreaker den .

我爱你?? KookV

Kisah perjalanan bagaimana bersatunya jeon/wu jungkook, idol tampan dan sangat terkenal akan narsis + pematah hati dengan seorang pria manis berprofesi sebagai model, kim taehyung yang terkenal akan kejutekannya. " Siapa yang tak akan jatuh cinta dengan idol pria tampan seperti ku? Aku kaya, populer, dan tertunya panas... " jjk. " Aku. Aku yang tak suka padamu, dasar pria narsis tingkat dewa! " kth. " Biar saja aku narsis, memang sudah kenyataannya aku itu tampan, mengaku saja kim... " jjk…

Don& Forget ~ Kookv [PAUSADA] - "Where Jungkook loses the person he loves the most, Taehyung … Although … # Fanfic # am -

Don't Forget ~Kookv [PAUSADA]

" Dónde Jungkook pierde a la persona que más ama, Taehyung... Aunque puede que no lo haya perdido del todo" _____________________________ AU. Jungkook→Top Taehyung→Bottom Historia corta. Inspirado en la canción {Don't Forget} de Ikon. Dedicado a @jenniAYK

Jungkook ~ BTS Summer Package 2017 So handsome

My Sweet Boy [TaeKook]

▷Gdzie nasz Jungkookie szuka tatusia dla jego słodkiej i uroczej osóbki, który się nim zaopiekuję Mpreg #185 W FANFICTION 18.11.17 #92 W FANFICTION 22.11.17 #186 W FANFICTION 23.11.17 #255 W FANFICTION 24.11.17 #82 W FANFICTION 25.11.17 #162 W FANFICTION 26.11.17 #124 W FANFICTION 28.11.17 #209 W FANFICTION 30.11.17 #632 W FANFICTION 4.12.17 #253 W FANFICTION 5.12.17 #56 W FANFICTION 6.12.17 #86 W FANFICTION 6.12.17 #103 W FANFICTION 14.01.18 #163 W FANFICTION 2.03.18 #830 W FANFICTION…

 Jeon Jungkook get your baby to stop performing karate in me!" - Jeon Jimin - Jikook male pregnancy one shots 💞🙈 - ↬ update randomly (when I get an ide.

Bun | Jikook family au

"Yah! Jeon Jungkook get your baby to stop performing karate in me!" - Jeon Jimin - Jikook male pregnancy one shots 💞🙈 - ↬ update randomly (when I get an idea) ↬ for fun ↬ this story has no flow it's just my male pregnancy ideas ↬ very fluffy and soft ↬ Angst 🥺 ↬ each chapter has a different prompt. If you want me to continue a prompt then comment!!

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COOKY🐰❤️(@nikook24) has created a short video on TikTok with music sonido original. Pero #jungkook 👁👄👁🔥 #bts #btsarmy #jeonjungkook #btsedits #foryou #foryourpage #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ

a story in which taehyung tries to get over jungkook after he disappe…

imagines & reações BTS// pt 2

Acharam que eu não ia postar uma parte dois?? haha. Bem vindos novamente à um lugar de se iludir completamente, e agora vai ser nivel mais avançado, Então vem comigo. Espero que gostem E interajam bastante.

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“wallpaper ver. 🖤🤍🖤 #JUNGKOOK @BTS_twt”

Buscando el Amor ||Taekook - Omegaverse|| - "Final"

" I hate you . " Jungkook is the school's blayboy . Jimin is the …

"In love with a vampire" Jimin AU

I felt like a ticking time bomb. My heart rate rised and I exploded. Everything went black before my eyes. I walked towards him, while still holding the beer bottle. I slapped him in his face. The beer bottle had exploded into two pieces. One piece had fallen on the ground into a million pieces and the other was still in my hand. I stabbed him with it. I stabbed again. And again. Until I noticed what I had done.

 a city in korea. population : "and out of every fucking body, it had to be taehyung." jungkook and taehyung are being investigated because t. Kookie Bts, Foto Jungkook, Jungkook Oppa, Yoongi, Foto Bts, Bts Bangtan Boy, Jungkook 2018, Jungkook Fanart, Jung Kook

∆° Imágenes De JungKook °∆

☪ Incluido: ☪ -Imagenes sexys🌚 -Imagenes Puras🌚 -Gifs🌚 -Fondos De Pantalla🌚 🌚✝100% para Jungkook Biaseds ✝🌚

Jeon Jungkook: I. The leader of a herd of idiots who have .

YOU ARE NOT MY SOULMATE | Jungkook x Reader |

"I dont want my soulmate to be a weak pathetic low class." His orbs pierced her state as she returned his strong stare. 'I dont want my soulmate to be a rude jerk.'

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“Savage Love 🎶 #SavageLoveRemix”