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an art deco style pattern with circles and stripes on black background, suitable for wallpaper or fabric
San Francisco
an intricate blue and white wallpaper pattern
Designer Wallpaper and Luxury Wallpaper Designs | F&P Interiors
Dryden Flock Wallpaper Large scale damask flock in chocolate on beige mica background
an orange and blue flower pattern on a white background with black dots in the center
Patterns by maxine
a red and pink paisley print fabric
Beauty Break: 06.08.16
Pink and orange ornament•stencil•template•print•pattern•motif Орнамент•шаблон•трафарет•принт•
a brown and white paper with circles on it
Katalog 2D Panel Design A
Katalog 2D Panel Design A - Jasa Laser Cutting | Cnc Router | Mdf | Acp | Pvc | Wpc | Acrylic | Triplek | Kayu
a blue and white pattern with geometric shapes, including a bee on the center piece
The Honeycomb Conjecture Fabric | Spoonflower
The Honeycomb Conjecture by designer strange_phenomena - Deep navy blue and cream design with geometric patterns, formulas and honeybees. Honeycomb pattern on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Beautiful scientific print!
an intricately designed blue background with gold dots and swirls on the bottom half
インジゴ染 Indigo some