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Série Nazaré. 1953/57.

Witchcraft/Folk Magic

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two women carrying baskets on their heads down the beach
Artur Pastor - Série Nazaré. 1953/57.
Série Nazaré. 1953/57.
Portuguese Clothing, Neutral Dresses, White Linen Skirt, Photography Canon, European Culture, Folk Dresses, Folk Fashion, Folk Costume
Dress made of stitches with Portuguese soul
three people dressed in colorful costumes standing next to each other
Images of Portugal | Traditional masks used during the Winter Festivities. Grijó de Parada, Trás-os-Montes, Portugal
a group of people dressed in traditional clothing dancing
Lavradeira Costume, Viana do Castelo, Minho province, Portugal
an old man with a hat on his head is posing for a photo in front of the camera
Portugal em Postais Antigos
two women are carrying baskets in front of an open air market with people walking around
A ler: “Portugal” de Yves Bottineau 1957 II -As Cestas
a man and woman standing on the side of a street next to a building at night
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an old black and white photo of two men sitting at a table with guitars hanging from the ceiling
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an old photo of a woman with a basket on her head, holding a bucket
black and white photograph of a man in an old fashioned outfit holding a large piece of wood
Artur Pastor - Série “Rostos”. Nazaré, década de 50.