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a quote that reads, libra really don't like being mad at people, so they just cut them off and feel nothing towards them
an image of some type of text with the words libra written in black and white
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a quote that says, libra is never meet a loud intovert? like those in
an image of a text that reads libra i understand that you don't like me but i need you to understand that i don't care
a woman wearing sunglasses with the caption what do you like to do for fun me?
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two different types of emoticions with the words libra and libra
a white background with black text that says, do you want space or attention? libra spattenion
Libra Spattention
a sign that says libra on the side of a green and white background with black text
two women smiling and one holding her hand up in the air
two women dressed in costumes, one with wings and the other without