Types of Knives

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Kitchen 101: Cutting | Make:

Learn the basics on cutting in Katie Goodman's Kitchen 101 article that's posted up today. Katie writes: Many around the world have resolved to start

How to Teach Knife Skills to Children Ages 5-8 (get the mini ecourse on Training Kids in the Kitchen for free, SIX days only, through April 28!)

How to Teach Knife Skills to Children Ages 5-8 (get the mini ecourse on Training Kids in the Kitchen for free, SIX days only, through April 28!)

A Knife Skills Infograph

How good are your knife skills? Find out with knife skills infograph from the creative team at Illustrated Bites - you'll never dice the same way again

Cooking School Day 1: Knife Skills

Today’s Lesson: Knife Skills The Goal: 20 lessons, 20 days to become a better cook at home Enter to win The Kitchn Cookbook: Simply share and tag photos of your Kitchn Cooking School progress on Instagram and Twitter with #kitchnschool to enter for a chance to win. We’re giving away one copy for every homework assignment during The Kitchn’s Cooking School. See rules and regulations.

Proper Way to Hold a Knife - YouTube #lecordonbleu #lcb

How to Hold a Knife - Properly Using a Chef's Knife

Do you correctly know how to hold a knife? Learn 4 effective gripping methods, the cutting motion technique, and guide hand positioning. Chef Jon-Paul Hutchi...

Knife Skills 101 #cookingtips #knives #kitchen

Knife Skills 101 - A Spicy Perspective

How to use knives like a chef: Today's Knife Skills 101 "How To" will have you chopping like a pro in no time! Learn the difference between knife holds and

For knife skills. | 27 Diagrams That Will Make You A Better Cook

27 Diagrams That Make Cooking So Much Easier

Including easy ingredient substitutions, basic knife skills, meat marinating times, and more.

Sharpening kitchen knives

Knife Skills: Keeping Your Knife Sharp

Once you’ve gone to all the trouble of sharpening your knife, the next step is keeping that way! This is easy to do and only takes a few seconds. Here’s how…As you use your knife, the sharp edge will gradually start to curl under. When you sharpen your knife on a steel, you’re actually just straightening the edge back out again. (This is as opposed to sharpening your knife on a whetstone, where metal is being removed to form a sharper edge.

The GIF Tutorial That's Helping Me Improve My Knife Skills  Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City

The GIF Tutorial That’s Helping Me Improve My Knife Skills

When I worked as a server after college, if I wasn’t ferrying glasses of vino to guests on the floor you would likely find me back in the kitchen, leaning over the window and chatting with the cooks. Besides hearing a handful of very NSFW stories, it was here that I learned one of my greatest lessons in the kitchen — how to actually hold a knife.

Anthony Bourdain Knife Skills

Anthony Bourdain Knife Skills.mov

Anthony Bourdain demonstrates basic knife technique.