Mix and match mani. Blue and glitter nails. Polka dote. Nail art. Naol design. Polish.

Navy/teal blue creme, white base with blue dots, and one accent nail of China Glaze Glistening Snow

Nailpolis Museum of Nail Art | Hot pink matte leopard print by Glittr

Hot pink matte leopard print nail art by Glittr - Nailpolis: Museum of Nail Art

uñas acrilicas bonito diseño

“Henna Tattoo inspired nails Used a toothpick, "Iced Latte", and black acrylic paint”

Pink nails with dreamcatcher Uñas de color rosa con un atrapa sueños

15 increíbles y fáciles diseños para tus uñas. ¡Los amarás!

Dream catcher nails with silver bead accents, and painted on dreamcatchers painted on starting at the cuticle. Other nails are made with a soft blue and pink ombré.

diseño de uñas con cintillas

Tiffany Blue and Black Negative Space Nails With Silver Nail Tape. Every Jentou Girl needs to experience the negative space

uñas decoradas 68

Decoración de uñas, ¡las ideas que triunfan esta temporada!

Use your darker matte gray nail polish and use it as the base. Then get your matte sea green and matte lighter gray nail polishes and play with various designs and patterns.

Just Shine Summer Fun Press On Nails

Justice is your one-stop-shop for on-trend styles in tween girls clothing & accessories. Shop our Just Shine feather glitter Press On Nails.