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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...

We've had some very wild weather come through tonight... thunderstorms with high winds, heavy rains, and tornados touching down across parts of NC. I picked these daffodils and forsythia the other day and I'm glad I did because the rest of the flowers in the yard probably aren't going to look very good tomorrow I'm sad to say. Texture www.flickr.com/photos/kimklassen/4428130215/. Thanks Kim!

I am wanting a tattoo that represents my 3 kids.  My girls have pretty flowers, and my son....well he has a carnation. Not exactly a pretty flower at all.

Discover the birth month flowers and flower meanings here!

Birth month flowers add special significance and meaning to an arrangement, and personalize handmade baby gift ideas. Perfect for a sweetie's birthday or for the birth of a baby. What's your flower?

A guide to edible flowers

Edible Beauties

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Watercolor tattoos

Spring Mandala Print of Butterfly Mandala | Etsy

8x10 limited edition print of my original watercolor painting signed and numbered 11/350 I greatly admire knot work and mandalas from around the world. Those two interests and the theme of Spring and rebirth all came together to form this image. Printed using archival pigmented inks on lovely archival matte paper. Hope you enjoyed visiting the Darkling Woods! Image copyright of the artist Cat Mallard, violators will be fed to the trolls.

Birth Month Flowers

Online Florist In Hyderabad - Seasons

Do you want to enjoy your birthday with the suitable flower centerpiece? Or maybe you want to deliver a Birthday Flowers Delivery In Hyderabad to someone on their birthday. It's forever best to know the dissimilar significances related with different birthday month flowers and choose the appropriate flowers for your birthday. January: - The flower of January is carnation which regularly represents admiration, pride, beauty and admiration. The definitions of the plant carnation are wealthy…


tattoos For passion Not fashion

done by curt baer

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Image Credit: hasanbozal

Finally, a chart that shows me the meaning behind the flowers I get for my mom and wife!

Choosing the Right Flower for the Right Occasion – daFlores Blog – All about sending flowers

Tweet You can say a lot with a simple flower. In fact, you might be saying more than you realize. Flowers have a lot of meaning, and this “how to guide” can help you discover a little more about these beautiful gifts. The traditional rose, for example, can say many different things depending on the color and the number you send. This could be really important for your next international flower delivery to someone special. If, for example, you were... Read More Read More

flower tattoo - birth month flowers

flower tattoo on thigh by Craigwright on DeviantArt


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It’s always intriguing to take a personality test, but also fascinating to see which types tend to climb higher on the socio-economic ladder. This infographic from Career Assessment Site takes a look at what personality types veer toward what professions, who tends to rake in the green at a higher rate and a number of …

Lillies And Hummingbird Tattoo | WomenTrending.Com

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Andrés Acosta | Tattoo Artist | Houston TX

ACOSTATTOO | Tattoos | Andres Acosta

Andres Acosta, better known as Acostattoo, is a tattoo artist based in Austin, TX, who specializes in surreal-style roses, space-themed tattoos and much more.

October Birth Flower...

Love this unique Giovanni piece - www.giovanni-designs.com

Cosmos Birth Flower Pendant

Cosmos Birth Flower Pendant, 18K Gold with diamond accents The cosmos flower was so named because of the perfection of its shape, representing the beauty and harmony in the universe. What better way to state your deepest love than this exquisite golden flower? The cosmos makes an excellent gift for an October birthday or special occasion. And when sent to one's love on Valentine's Day, it simply says "walk with me".