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a brown hat with a gold crown on it
SHAKO, BRITISH, Waterloo 1815
a trench coat and hat on display against a red background
The battle of Waterloo in 25 extraordinary objects
The trusty coat and hat that differ from popular myth
an old drum is sitting on a white surface with rope around the bottom and sides
Tamburo dei "Black Watch Royal Highlanders" inglesi
an old drum with rope on the bottom and some decorations on it's sides
Tamburo dei granatieri della guardia inglese
an old helmet with a tassel on the side and a gold badge on top
3rd regt of foot belgic shako with nce embossed plate very rare
an old hat is hanging on the wall next to pictures and other items in a room
LIght Company Officer's Belgic Shako- 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot, 1812-1816
a hat that is on top of a mannequin's head in a store window
1812 Belgic Shako
an illustration of a man in uniform holding a cane
About - Suzi Love
1815 Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, British. suzilove.com
a black hat with a gold emblem on the side and braids around the brim
Shako of a British infantryman, Waterloo.
a medal with a red ribbon around it and a silver medallion on the front side
Waterloo 200 » Duke of Wellington’s Waterloo Medal
an antique brass and wood horn on a white background
Trumpet That Sounded the Charge at Waterloo - Waterloo 200
Waterloo200 - Bugle sounded at Waterloo. This field bugle sounded the crucial charge of The Household Cavalry at Waterloo. http://www.nam.ac.uk/waterloo200/200-object/bugle-sounded-at-waterloo-not-a-trumpet/ #W200Items
Soldiers from the 95th at Waterloo Festival, 2014 War, The Rifleman
Soldiers from the 95th at Waterloo Festival, 2014