Colombian Emerald & Diamond Bracelet

A band of green - A wrist band with 42 Colombian emeralds surrounded with white and yellow diamonds measuring in length. Photo by Swamibu.

Colombian Emerald

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La ciencia de proponer una marca en donde se involucran las tonalidades intensas con figuras geométricas, este grupo colombiano crea imágenes con tendencias pop, una estética ligada al arte y a la …

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Colombia es pasión.

Why ‘Colombia es pasión!’

#Colombia #1 en esmeraldas en el mundo

This classic antique emerald and diamond ring shines brightly with a vibrant, rich green, Colombian old-mine (Muzo) Emerald weighing carats. The gem is wreathed by twelve sparkling old mine-cut diamonds set in 18 karat yellow gold. Circa 1890 with wo