C Berrio Congote

C Berrio Congote

C Berrio Congote
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absurdres akatsuki (naruto) back black hair clock crest eyes closed family crest from behind highres mask minai (artist) minai multiple persona naruto naruto shippuuden nohara rin outstretched arms spoilers stand standing tobi uchiha obito uchi

Brasse 31BLK Kawasaki Ninja mod kit

The Kawasaki is a fine bike all on its own, but if you yearn for something a bit more unique, this Brasse Kawasaki Ninja Mod Kit should do just fine. The first production mod kit for the

Connor  Assassins Creed III

via TheGamersHub - A brilliant piece of Assassin's Creed III concept art. Connor Kenway is lurking in the tree tops, waiting for his moment. You have to be pretty patient to be an assassin, after all!