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Colin Firth, CBE, né le 10 septembre 1960 à Grayshott (en), dans le Hampshire est un acteur anglais. Il a remporté de prestigieuses récompenses telles que l'Oscar du meilleur acteur et le Golden Globe du meilleur acteur pour Le Discours d'un roi en 2011, le BAFTA du meilleur acteur en 2010 pour son rôle dans A Single Man, la Coupe Volpi pour la meilleure interprétation masculine pour le même film.

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Colin Firth cuts a suave figure as he heads out in New York

Colin Firth looked much younger than his 53 years as he headed out in New York on Wednesday in a smart black suit.

Colin Firth says Darcy should have been naked in lake scene

Colin, 54, has revealed that the initial plan was for him to be completely naked, but it never went ahead because both he and the BBC were 'too prudish'.

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콜린 퍼스 생신입니다 여러븐!!!!! ♪♬ 음 네.... 오늘도 쓸쓸하게 콜린 퍼스 (55세, 모니터남친) 의 생일...

당신이 콜린 퍼스에게 반할 수 밖에 없는 EU ((콜린퍼스 생신축하)) (데이터 주의)

콜린 퍼스 생신입니다 여러븐!!!!! ♪♬ 음 네.... 오늘도 쓸쓸하게 콜린 퍼스 (55세, 모니터남친) 의 생일...

Chopard Red Carpet

Colin Firth enjoying the view of our Chopard Rooftop at the Trophée Chopard afterparty


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Colin Firth in Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

May the Firth Be With You

It’s May Fourth, and many geeky types are celebrating with “May the Fourth Be With You.” But as we’ve said plenty of times, we don’t do sci-fi. So around here, it̵…