Так хочется продлить уходящее лето хоть на день, надышаться его ароматами, задержать в памяти яркие краски. Один из способов сделать ...

August nails, Butterfly nail art, Butterfly nails, Everyday nails, Medium… These are too short for me but i would love this design in a longer length!

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Tutorial: Kintsugi Nails Here’s how I did this design– it’s actually pretty simple. You’ll need a couple of shades of gray polish, black polish or acrylic paint, metallic polish or paint, a makeup.

+70 Fotos de uñas decoradas para el verano – Summer Nail Art | Decoración de Uñas - Manicura y Nail Art

Matte nails are often paired with black color to get matte black nail design, somehow, you can also make cute matte nails this fall. Let's check out!

30 Diseños de uñas super lindos | Decoración de Uñas - Manicura y Nail Art

Panda - Desiigner Infinite Shine Olive For Green, Set In Stone, We're In The Black, Don't Pretzel My Buttons, and Matte Top Coat nail art brush and cleanup brush Seche Vite

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