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two pictures of a green hat with sunflowers embroidered on the front and back
HAND EMBROIDERY Archives - Embroidery Center
Hand embroidered sunflower hat floral embroidered hat fall #Handembroidery
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Link Alternatif MPO89 Terbaru Dan Official Resmi Link MPO 89
there are many pink and white macaroons with flowers on them in a box
I’ll always have flowers And oh, @sweettoothforever Always and always Image by @cupplets #sweettoothforever #flatlayforever Via @hellomissmay on Instagram
a woman in white dress walking through flowers
Guest enjoys going off the path
a woman sitting in front of a wall covered with flowers and greenery on the outside
Flower Power.
flowers and greenery are arranged on the stair case in front of a white staircase
DIY Spring Party Floral Staircase
Image Via: Design*Sponge
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white dress and holding her hands to her chest
Another Bride
This amazing wedding photoshoot with Kelsie Emm Photography and Hair and Makeup by Steph is on my blog! This moody indoor shoot is a favorite bridal session of mine. I love the gorgeous bridal hair and makeup and the classic wedding dress I got to wear.
an image of flowers hanging on the wall
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the inside of a greenhouse filled with lots of green plants and tall, thin windows
Home now and ready to order a take out and watch some Netflix. Have a good night
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Weding dress & occasion dresses
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