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a boy and his dog are holding coffee mugs in their paws while standing next to each other
Soup Advertising for sale | eBay
1987 CAMPBELLS SOUP cut-out with St. Bernard dog & Campbell Kid
an image of two children riding bikes on the cover of a computer game called scoozie
1995 Campbell's Soup Kids On Bicycles phonecard - box insert by Collect-A-Card | eBay
Campbells Soup Kids On Bicycles phonecard
an advertisement for campbell's tomato soup with a boy carrying a can on his back
Webshots - Desktop Wallpaper / Screen Savers
1994 Campbell Kids Christmas... Also the year I became a Campbell!
an old children's book with the title i'm minn ricas
Other Non-Sport Trading Card Merchandise for sale | eBay
Campbells Soup Static Cling Souper Sticker No # In School
campbell kids Fictional Characters, Art, Disney Characters, Charlie Brown, Disney, Disney Princess
campbell kids
Campbell's Soup  Grace Drayton Childhood Art, Polymer Clay Animals, Clay Animals, Vintage Paper Dolls
Campbell's Soup Grace Drayton
an old drawing of a boy in a fireman's hat holding a hose
an old cartoon drawing of a girl holding an umbrella and a can of soft drink
a drawing of a little boy riding on a toy wagon
UUMMM Camping Tips, Paper Dolls
UUMMM Valentines Pictures, Comfort Dolls, Warhol Art, Vintage Valentine Cards
an old advertisement for campbell's vegetable soup with two children pointing at the can
an old postcard with a drawing of a girl on top of a mountain holding a red flag
campbell kids
an old advertisement for the coffee table and other items in front of it, with text on
Spotlight on Golden Age Advertising | Campbell's Soup
'A Stitch In Time' c. 1906