Monster #2

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two people dressed up as zombies and one is holding a spatula in front of a house
The Air is Wet With Sound
american gothic, frankenstein style
a wall with a painting of mickey mouse on it's face and ears, in front of a cement wall
street art - frankenmouse
an old black and white photo of two men standing in front of a door with mirrors
Monsters on Post-It Notes - Digital Bus Stop
John Kenn: post-it artist
a drawing of a giant white shark swimming in the ocean next to a man on a surfboard
Don Kenn - his work is done on post-its
a drawing of a bear with its mouth open and tongue out, standing next to a tree
a playing card with an octopus on it's face and the number 10 in front
Art Is The Weapon — 10 of Squidspades by Felideus
Squidspades by Felideus -
an illustration of a person flying through the air in front of trees and grass with birds
the art of animation
The Art Of Animation
an illustration of a monster with its mouth open and eyes wide open in front of a castle
Billy goats gruff illustration © Nicola L Robinson
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a window looking out at a dragon
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Kim Herbst
a drawing of an elephant with its head in the air and hands on his hips
a painting of a girl holding a pink cat
NewPet #Caia Koopman
a black and white drawing of a woman with flowers in her hair looking at a dog
Mummin 65 år, firas med buller och bång!
Tove Jansson - Mumin
an image of a skeleton sitting in a chair with two other skeletons on it's back
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