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Weekend challenge!
Do this core exercise while you’re scrolling on social media…Your hands are free, so why not?! 😝 Th
Sit ups and a lot of traditional ab exercises don’t properly strengthen the deeper ab muscles that
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FULL BODY HIIT ❤️‍🔥 (YouTube: Vera LaRo)
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Anterior Pelvic Tilt | Back Pain corrective exercises
Women over 30 must practice movements!
🔥 30 MIN KILLER ABS (YouTube: Vera LaRo)
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🔥 20 MIN STANDING ABS (YouTube: Vera LaRo)
Full workouts on YouTube: Vera LaRo Let's tone and strengthen our abs with this no repeat 20 minute abs workout that you can do at home! We will be working on all the abs muscles with this bodyweight workout: lower abs, upper abs, and obliques!
Pilates moves that changed my body
this exercise will transform your glutes 🍑 🔥
Glute workout with weights and bands!
Guy on the back ground is getting the “killer” workout!! 🤣