Aprende como hacer un bello adorno que recuerda a las hermosas esferas de cristal que tienen una pequeña escena navideña en su interior, so...

Wine glass decorating ideas'd make amazing gifts or work as a fun project for girls' night or a bachelorette party.


Holly Poinsettia Holiday Shower Curtain (Only one needed during christmas party, for upstairs, on sale at on

Materiales:  macetas de barro (terracota) de cualquier tamaño, trozos de listón impresos, pintura acrílica blanca, negra y anaranjada...

Clay pot snowmen Step Getting Started I was inspired to make these from a clay pot snowman project I saw on Hobby Lobby. They painted their scarves, but I decided to use Mod Podge and scrapbook paper. They used clay for the noses, but my faces are