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two mannequins dressed in white and black clothing
MAXMARA, Milan, Italy, "Sally... i don't refer to it as gossiping, I prefer sharing our opinions about other people's life choices", pinned by Ton van der Veer
three mannequins dressed as cartoon characters
The Window of @moschino #boutique #ViaSantAndrea #maison @moschino #couture #milan #city #TheFashionDistrict #photo #photooftheevening #like #followme #fashion #fashionaddict #fashionblog #socialnetwork #swarm #tumblr #twitter #pinterest #instagram #kiss #evening
a mannequin is holding a briefcase in front of some white paper origami
Paper Airplanes
Paper Airplanes1
there is a display with various items on the wall, including shoes and other things
Fabio Novembre y Tommy Hilfiger... Yo tengo un estilo de vida
"I have a lifestyle", el resultado de la colaboración entre la firma americana Tommy Hilfiger y el arquitecto y diseñador italiano Fabio Novembre para los escaparates de los almacenes La Rinascente de Roma y Milán.
several stacks of blue jeans stacked on top of each other with papers sticking out of them
Mustang. The Inside Out Mailing.
#etalage #si #studiointerio #living #architecture #interior #design #follow4inspiration
a display in the window of a store with cardboard boxes on it's legs
Susana Piquer muestra "la desnuda verdad de los vaqueros" en su montaje para Nudie Jeans Barcelona. -
Los escaparates materiales reciclados - Cerca amb Google
several stacks of folded jeans are stacked on top of each other in front of a white background
40 formas originales de exponer vaqueros
cubos llenos de vaqueros para exposición de tienda
an assortment of mannequins and signs on display
Marks & Spencer, London Marks & Spencer, London
a window display featuring mannequins and other items
PRIMARK KIDS,"Little Outfits, Big Deals", illustrations by Caroline Roose, pinned by Ton van der Veer
an assortment of mannequins are displayed in front of a wall
PRIMARK KIDS, "Little Outfits, Big Deals", illustrations by Caroline Roose, close-up, pinned by Ton van der Veer
the inside of a clothing store with lots of items
Inside Lacoste’s new London concept store
Concepto Lacost
there are many different colored shirts on display
Nick Sizemore @sizemorenick What's your #Laco...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)