Barnie's Coffee Cafe

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a cappuccino on a saucer with a spoon next to it and the words barnie's written in white
Barnie's Coffee Latte Art
It's National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day and what better way to celebrate, but with Latte Art in your Barnie's Coffee. Coffee is our LOVE LANGUAGE. Check out the latest blog where we explore the 5 variations of art you can make in your next visit to our Barnie's cafe. Shall we?
there is a wrap and chips on the plate next to other plates with food in them
Barnie's Cafe on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL
Meet me at our spot! 💘 Enjoy what's been YOURS this whole time. We've been waiting for YOU. ☕ 🥗 See you on 118 S. Park Avenue soon.
a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and sauce on the side
Barnie's Cafe in Winter Park, FL
Happy Tuesday! It's Back to Work & Back to School day here in Florida. 😝 Want to celebrate at the cafe over a DELICIOUS lunch and lots of COFFEE? #YesPlease ☕ 💙 Hey Alexa... ✈ Fly me to Winter Park, FL on Park Avenue!