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Struggling with sewing straight seams?😩 Try our brand-new magnetic seam guide🧵
a person with their hand on the back of a green piece of paper that has writing on it
How To Restore A Self Healing Cutting Mat
an open cabinet with lots of items in it
Quilting (and working) in a small space - Quilty Love
craft room organization hacks you need to know
Cute & Functional Craft and Sewing Room Ideas
Organize your craft and sewing space with these easy tips and tricks!
someone is using a pair of scissors to cut the paper
How to Sharpen Your Rotary Blade
How to Make Your Rotary Cutter Last Longer Sharpen rotary cutter blade by folding tin foil several times and cutting it with Cutter. Test on fabric scraps until it is sharp.
a woman is working with some thread on the table next to spools of thread
Genius bobbin storage ideas
Looking for inspiring ideas for thread and bobbin storage? Storing and organizing your spools and bobbins doesn't have to cost you a thing when you make these bobbin storage ideas yourself!
a wall mounted sewing rack filled with spools of thread, scissors and yarn
13 Life-Changing Craft Room Organization Ideas
Thread organizer
the words budget friendly sewing room organization ideas in black and white with images of crafting supplies
Budget Friendly Sewing Room Organization Ideas
there are many jars with thread on the shelf next to each other and one is empty
Organize Your Threads - 10 Great Ideas!
Organize Your Threads - 10 Great Ideas! | Create Whimsy
many spools of thread are lined up on a table next to each other
Creative Bobbin Storage Solutions
a woman's legs wearing gray boots with purple flowers on them
50 Amazingly Creative Upcycling Projects For Old Sweaters
Sweater Boots - 50 Amazingly Creative Upcycling Projects For Old Sweaters
a watercolor painting of a seahorse in blue and green colors on white paper
Top Designers for Women, Men, Kids, Home & More
Marmont Hill Aegean Sea Horse
a square shaped mirror sitting on top of a counter
HOW TO: Use Old CDs for Mosaic Craft Projects - DIY Kitchen Backsplash Tips and Tricks
CD disc mosaic that's easy to #DIY yourself! Use your old CDs and other discs to create this CD craft project. #handmade #crafts #tbt #art #CD #disc
Leaf Rubbing Resist
A new twist in the old fashioned leaf rubbing activity brings wow results in minutes!
an origami mobile hanging from the ceiling in a room filled with white walls
Creative Do It yourself Projects - Re-Use - Renovate - Recycle
~ * ~ Mobiles ~ * ~
two cards with watercolor designs on them, one is blue and the other is green
the best glue for outdoor garden projects with pictures and instructions to make them look like they are
The Most Highly-Recommended Glue for Garden Art Projects
Make your garden projects last with an adhesive that works in all seasons. This glue works for wood, glass, metal, and more. #gardenart #glue #empressofdirt
Recycled Bottle Bubble Art With Kids
Recycled Bottle Bubble Art With Kids. Get our tips and materials to make this beautiful bubble art canvas with a recycled bottle! #hellowonderful
there are 10 little known hacks that keep it spotless in the house and how to use them
Friends Raved About How Clean Her Bathroom Was: Here Are 40 Unknown Hacks That Keep It Spotless
mini pop - up fabric baskets with instructions on how to make them
Mini Pop-up Fabric Baskets
Mini Pop-up Fabric Baskets - cute and simple to make.
instructions on how to make a sewing machine foot pedal for peddler and sewing back
Sew a Non-Slip Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Pad | So Sew Easy
Sew a non-slip sewing machine foot pedal pad - a genius idea to stop the foot pedal slipping away from you. I'm on it!
a wooden ladder with a quilt on it
31-DP-00596 - Quilt Ladder Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF
Soothing Eye Pillows - use rice, flax seed, and essential oil Gifts, Eyes, Pillows, Eye Pillows, Soothe, Fabric, Eye, Spa Style, Color
Soothing Scented Eye Pillows
Soothing Eye Pillows - use rice, flax seed, and essential oil
a wooden ladder leaning against a wall with measurements on the bottom and bottom shelves below it
DIY Quilt Ladder
DIY Quilt Ladder - Measurements and Dimensions. | SydneyMakesStuff |
a hand holding a multicolored purse on top of a white table
Woven Fabric Basket
Woven Fabric Basket tutorial from Atkinson Designs - use jelly roll strips
Another+Perfect+Wallet+Sewing+Tutorial+by+Color+Me+Domestic                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Patchwork Bifold Wallet – Free Sewing Tutorial
Another+Perfect+Wallet+Sewing+Tutorial+by+Color+Me+Domestic More
the card wallet is made from strips of fabric
So Many Cards, So Little Room.......
Nancy's Couture: So Many Cards, So Little Room....... One correction to the pattern. you need 8x8 (2 pieces) and 12x 8 (also 2 pieces), not 8x8 (4 pieces) More
two purses are sitting next to each other on a table and one has a zippered closure
Wallet Tutorial
artchala handmade: Wallets More
an open wallet sitting on top of a white table next to a blue and white wall
My New Wallet
Weekend project - there's a link to the tutorial.. More
three different bags in the back seat of a car
Trendy Car Trash Bag 64% off 2 days only #Organization
Getting some before summer road trips start! Organization ideas for the home, car trash bags, TRENDY CAR TRASH BAG BIN TOYS TOTES,Online deals made easy. I WANT ONE
an easy diy phone charger holder
Easy DIY Phone Charger Holder (Flamingo Toes)
Easy DIY Phone Charger Holder | Flamingo Toes | Bloglovin’
a sewing kit in a fabric box on a table
Fabric Box Tutorial
Fabric Box Tutorial
two storage containers sitting on top of a table next to a purple flower and bottle
Fabric Storage Cube - The Sewing Directory
Storage boxes made from fabric - free sewing project
a blue and white woven basket sitting on top of a table
Want, Need, Love
Large Coiled Fabric Bowl/Basket, Blue Batik Bowl
paper lamps with flowers and leaves on them are lit up in different stages of lighting
DIY Paper Lamps
DIY Paper Lamps
four different pictures with pink flowers on them
DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick
DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick |
how to make paper hearts for valentine's day - step by step photo instructions
Top 7 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas Will Inspire You
Homemade Felt Heart Garland...Top 7 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas Will Inspire You...#valentinesdaycraftideas
the new class book for stained glass
impressionist quilts - Google Search
a vase filled with colorful flowers on top of a white quilted wall hanging next to a dragonfly
Flower Vase - quilt/wall hanging I love this idea!!!
a person holding up a piece of art made out of paper with flowers on it
I love hollyhocks!
a quilted wall hanging with flowers and leaves in the shape of a circle on it
Amazing! From Malvern
Angie Quilts: Amazing! From Malvern
the owl is holding scissors and other crafting supplies in it's holder,
Wise Owl Accessory Holder
All Free Sewing - Free Sewing Patterns, Sewing Projects, Tips, Video, How-To Sew and More
two paper bowls sitting on top of a white quilted tablecloth covered in green and yellow designs
Geta's Quilting Studio: Tutorial - Quilted bowl
quilted bowl tutorial---the templates are there too.....use one hexagon and 6 pentagons.
an ironing board next to a mattress on the floor in front of a wall
How to Convert a Regular Ironing Board Into a Quilter's Ironing Board
converting a regular ironing board to a quilter's ironing board .OMG!! I've wanted to do this for 30 years!!!